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  1. I have been working as a behavior therapist in ABA services for children with autism for close to three years. I have been an RBT for over a year. ABA is about increasing positive behaviors and reducing or redirecting interfering behaviors. With that we work on a lot of different types of programs such as fine motor, gross motor, language skills, self-help skills, academic skills. It's been a super interesting and overall positive experience. I have gained experience in time management, working with and talking with families, working with and talking with follow therapists, and writing report
  2. Are you sure Yeshiva is 79 K a year? I'm pretty sure that's for the entire program. If it's 66 credits for the entire program. At 1200/credit that's a grand total of 79 K for both years. Can you expand on how YU faculty isn't the 'nicest'? Thanks!
  3. Is there any one who is currently at Yeshiva who can talk about their experience? Mostly about the externships and the fact that their isn't a school clinic.
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering how qualifying for in-state tuition works? I see people posting about how they qualify for it their second year. But I thought you had to live in the state for a year, and work, not be a student in order to qualify for in state tuition? So how are you getting around it? Also, I still don't completely understand FAFSA. I applied and got it. But after I graduate, do I have to pay back my award? I was super fortunate in undergrad in that my parents paid for my tuition. But I am in charge of paying for graduate school, and don't really understand how to go
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