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  1. Hello, Any response from UBC English department yet? The wait is becoming unbearable!
  2. Hi guys, has anyone heard back from UBC since the Jan 4 deadline? The status on the portal still says 'in progress'. The admission decision is unusually late. I'm quite worried.
  3. Hello guys, I've submitted my application for MA English at UBC since Jan 4. The referee deadline was Jan 18 and all were able to submit. I've been following this thread and noticed the admission decision for this year is too late. (Also I've noticed that the admission decision for September 2019 (this year) is unusually late.) I'm beginning to worry. I even mailed Miranda Burgess in Feb, the MA advisor and she said 'it was still very early and that i should give them some weeks to get back'. It's been over a month and I've mailed her again, but no response. I'm an international student, with a Bachelors outside Canada...Has anyone heard from UBC English at all? Kindly share your experiences
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