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  1. I will be attending the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee next year for Speech and Language Pathology! (15 mins from Concordia) I know the area pretty well, so let me know of any questions you have! Congratulations!
  2. Go on Concordia Unviersity Wisconsin's website for Speech and Langauage Pathology for more information about the program. I applied and was accepted but will be attending another school. Tonya Bartoletti was appointed my advisor at Concordia during the application process and she sent everyone what their course load will look like. If you want to email her I attached her email below. I will be attending graduate school in Wisconsin and know the area around Concordia well if anyone has questions! tonya.bartoletti@cuw.edu
  3. I think it is really smart to retake your GRE. My GRE was low as well (287) but I got accepted to all five schools I applied because I had a high GPA. I would recommend retaking classes in person or online to improve your GPA, this will help strengthen your application. Also, look on ASHA for newly accredited programs, these are often easier to get accepted into (ie: Concordia University Wisconsin was just accredited this year and I know a few individuals who were accepted with lower GPA's). Hope this helps.
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