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  1. Hello Everyone I am in my 3rd year of PhD and have literally achieved nothing in my academia field from the time I have joined Phd under my supervisor. She doesn't want any good for me, she never even have time to listen to me. There are times where I am not even allowed to touch any instruments because she doesn't allow me too. She has also taken away my peace of mind by interfering in my personal life. She has almost purposely delayed my work for more than a year as she post-pone the installation of the new instrument in which my thesis work was assigned. Also she is always reluctant to sign in any documents related to my benefit. During the first two years she gave me false hope and showed all good behaviour. I was having blind faith on her, it was only in my 3rd year I came to know from other reliable sources that she is delaying the installation of the instrument. When I asked her the reason for the delay, she got annoyed and there was no valid explanation. She further started torturing me with all comments and remarks which I don't know how to react to. She calls be by names and also insults me in front of all the staffs. I have completed my 3rd year this month and I realised that I have achieved nothing academically. I am in a dilemma that should I leave the course or should I continue further under her. The only advantage is I will be regularly paid fellowship till the completion of my 5th year. Also she is about to get retired after 3 years.
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