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  1. Thanks. I was ranked 27 out of 62 in electrical engineering.
  2. I just got PGS D3 email. I was on the waiting list. My committee is electrical engineering.
  3. Anyone else on the alternate list willing to share their ranking?
  4. I was ranked 27 out of 62 in electrical engineering, waitlisted.
  5. It seems success rate was 44% and 47% for 2016 and 2017 respectively. I think this year was lower.
  6. I also received my ranking. How do you know your ranking is marginal? My letter does not say anything about how many were awarded.
  7. Sorry to hear that. Did it mention alternate list?
  8. I had applied directly and received the letter yesterday.
  9. Is it possible that anyone who was not awarded was put on the short list?
  10. To people who had applied in previous years. The ranking is within a committee?
  11. Got the letter in mail. On the alternate list.
  12. I am in Ottawa and have not received a letter yet.
  13. I think we should just wait to get the results by post. There is no point in calling/emailing them if they have already sent the results via mail.
  14. The email said they were posted, not emailed. So probably we receive the letters on Monday.
  15. Anyone from electrical engineering or computer science received an email?
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