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  1. If you dont go over 20 months on May 1 2020 you should be fine!
  2. Anyone that is interested in writing to Vanier committee for changing the rules on eligibility criteria (number of months in the graduate studies which they count for the subsequent year instead of the time of the application like CIHR) let me know (iparadj@gmail.com) Since I enroled in the summer 2018, I would be ineligible as per current criteria although I'm only in my second year. I contacted them already and they said criteria might change. Might as well try to change it together and make an actual effort. I drafted the letter but anyone interested in helping, let me know
  3. Damn weird. I cannot apply again unfortunately since I started my PhD in May 2018. It would be over 20 months on May 2020. Just wasn't meant to be. I applied for CIHR too so that's on my list as well.
  4. Does someone know which of the three agencies is the most competitive one. I presume CIHR has the most applications?
  5. 1.Academic Excellence:6.002. Research Potential: 5.503. Leadership:6.00 Overall Average score: 5.83 I'm surprised I got so low on leadership since I had an NGO for 4 years straight and volunteering is my middle name.
  6. Yeah some really stupid people haha
  7. You ranked pretty high on leadership wow! You volunteered a lot? Was it related to social science or not?
  8. Where do I see the documents??? Oh I see now! Waitlisted!! 64 out of 162
  9. Can't believe it's this week. I haven't even noticed how time flew by because I had courses and seminars this whole winter lol! Let's hope for the best! If not, we have one more chance to apply this year! And you could even apply for the next 2 years if I'm not mistaken.
  10. I also made a mistake and marked myself as the last author instead of 3rd on a publication. Want to slap myself on the face... I hope they will notice the mistake.. I hate waiting.
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