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  1. Oh that’s weird because I called the admissions office earlier today and they said I won’t hear anything until next week. I guess all we gotta do is wait 😕
  2. https://app.applyyourself.com/AYApplicantLogin/fl_ApplicantConnectLogin.asp?id=Hunter-G Hunter is closed this week because of spring break so hopefully we hear something by next week. Hope this helps!
  3. Yes I just checked and now it says pending interview so I should be hearing back soon. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, did anyone have their interview on April 3rd and heard back yet? It’s been two weeks and I haven’t received anything 😕 Trying to stay positive but it’s hard when it’s silent for two weeks.
  5. Thank you! And I applied to the clinical practice. It was a very dense article. It’s about 4 pages long and you have 25 minutes to write at least two paragraphs about the social implications found in the article. It was too broad of a topic to write a response in such a short amount of time. However, the facilatator stated the essay is just to get an idea of how we write.
  6. Hi guys! I applied to the two year track and had the interview today 4/3/19. It was pretty straightforward. However, I was completely nervous so I could have done better but i keep telling myself that i tried lol. Now I’m just refreshing the application page to see if I got accepted or rejected. I just want the response already, it’s very nerve wrecking! But Congrats to the ones that got accepted and good luck to the ones who are still waiting to hear back!

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