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  1. Hi all! I'm thrilled to be starting my MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago this month, but I'm broke and HAVE to ask - how hard is it to work part-time and study full-time? Not working isn't an option. For context, I've worked full-time for almost 10 years, and worked about 25-30 hours a week during my final undergrad semester. This was 7 years ago, and I don't really remember the burnout outside of the final art show (that was super hectic). I'll be walking dogs no more than 15-20 hrs this semester, and have 4 classes totaling about 17 hrs. I also plan on reading and painting and going to openings a good amount, duh. I've got a planner and a serious, live-in boyfriend. Is this doable? I don't know if I'm overextending myself. Could you guys tell me how working was for you in school? I'm planning on getting an on-campus job next semester, so the dog walking will stop then. In the 2nd year, everyone in my program teaches, so I'm really only stressed about starting school while working now.
  2. @prodmod I'm going to UIC this fall too! Gonna get an MFA in Studio Arts 😀. What about you?
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