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  1. Sadly I have recieved a letter of rejection today at 12:46pm. It stings, but it helps to know I need to put more work in. Congratulations to all who were accepted and good luck to those still in the running. And for those who are in my boat, don't get discouraged. Opporunities will come as long as we work steadfastly towards our goals.
  2. Yes I did. Sorry let me clarify - MotherofJustice received an email a few weeks ago from the general graduate program office at SJSU. I also recieved the same email as her in my spam box (i'm assuming this is the case because her description sounds exactly like what mine). It was an email that said we had to give additional information on our application. I called the graduate admissions office because I thought I had submitted everything nececcsary. After I called, they informed me that they had mistakenly sent out that email to an email list and to disregard it. Today I recieved the same email as you, Alebar. Technically it was sent last night, but I opened it this morning. It told me to check my new messages on the MYSJSU. This was the message I recieved: Date/Time: 05/01/2019 9:53:30.000000PM From: Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations Subject: Referred to Department Message Text: Greetings, According to our records, your file has been referred to the department. At this time your application is under department review. The Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations Office is not involved in this phase of the review and will not be able to provide any additional information about your status while you are referred to the department. We want you to know that we do not have specific updated information to provide because departments have a separate review process. We advise you to continue to check your MySJSU account for updates. Shortly after your admission status is updated, you will receive a MySJSU message with details about the updated status. We appreciate your patience during this decision period. Regards, Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations
  3. I had also gotten this email, and when I called they told me that it was a mistake. I think it was an accidental email sent to everyone.
  4. I came here to post that I received this email as well. It was sent at 11:00pm last night. Hopefully it means they are looking at our applications this week or next and that we will hear back soon.
  5. Waiting to hear back too. Applied to the online program. There is still hope for us who havent heard back! Seems in past years that people have gotten words of acceptance through May and even in June in some rare cases.
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