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  1. I mean, given just how intensely competitive that program is, I doubt I’d ever get in. Worth a shot I guess
  2. Good points. I understand that the PhD process can be grueling (I have a friend pursuing a chemistry doctorate and I’ve seen firsthand the kind of toll it can take on a person), but it still is an option I’d like to at least leave open. Supposing I do decide to ultimately bite the bullet, do you have any advice as to which path forward might be the best? I understand I have a lot of thinking to do before ultimately deciding, but that’s what my next two years will be for
  3. So I’m about to graduate and would like to eventually pursue a doctorate in political science. I’m an economics major with a math minor who has taken exactly one polisci class. my academic record is pretty uneven, due in part to long-lasting mental illness (anxiety/depression). I excelled in my junior and freshman year when I was in a good mindset and focused on my studies, but my sophomore and senior years have been pretty mediocre. I expect to graduate with an unremarkable GPA in the 3.3-3.4 range and no real research experience. To make matters worse, this final semester I expect to do poorly (C’s) in the two math classes I’ve taken. FWIW, I expect to do well on the GRE. I realize that with my profile, my chances of getting into a decent PhD program are rather slim. Any advice on how to move forward and make myself competitive? I’ve been thinking about doing either a master’s in econ or an MPA, thoughts on that route? I also plan on taking a year or two to work, which would give me time to retake classes I did less than stellar in. I’m particularly interested in political theory (philosophy is my real passion) and also American politics. I’d really appreciate any advice as I’m completely lost. At this point I’m considering abandoning my dream of becoming a scholar and just pursuing law school 😕
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