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  1. Thanks, I’m glad to hear it. Good luck with the rest of your schools!
  2. I see what you mean. Thanks for sharing that info. On a final note, setting aside the program’s different goals, is your friend happy with his/her decision, the quality of education, the class sizes, etc.? Do you think he/she would do it again?
  3. I can definitely see that, since the data informatics programs fall under the computer science department umbrella. However, I think those career paths are probably a lot more common with the MSCS (data science track) than the MS in Applied Data Science, which seems to have more of a balance. To make things more complicated, they also have an MS in Analytics offered through the engineering department, which if I remember correctly, is more focused on the math/stats.
  4. @carolbells Congratulations on your acceptances. It sounds like you’re leaning towards UPenn at the moment, but I see that you also applied and were admitted to USC's MS in Applied Data Science. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on the program? I’m torn between that and UVA’s MS in Data Science. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I would love to hear some of your thoughts on USC's MS in Applied Data Science and if you would choose it over UVA's MS in Data Science. It seems like this USC program gets overshadowed by the USC MSCS (Data Science track). However, with the right choice of electives there is a sizable coursework overlap between the two. The USC program is longer (2 years vs. 11 months) and the university boasts higher rankings in computer science, math, and engineering. However the UVA program is more established and produces consistent employment data. They each have their strengths, making
  6. Hello, I’m a recent admit to the MS in Applied Data Science. Did you end up going to USC? If so, how do you like the program?
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