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  1. How important are GRE scores for j-school? Most of the schools (like Columbia, Berkeley, CUNY, etc) don't even require the GRE but others who do (like USC, Northwestern, etc) do not have a minimum score specified. Would it be right to assume that the SoP, work experience + samples and LoRs are given more importance than academic and test scores in this case?
  2. In case of journalism, at least one professional recommendation is required. So I've heard that a professional reco that's really detailed goes a long way in winning favours, than a generic one. A former editor has agreed to write that for me but she told me that I have the liberty to decide the content, as in the things that I want to be mentioned, highlighted and made prominent, etc. Now I'm at a loss, I don't have that much of an idea how professional recos are like, and I really want to use this opportunity to my favour. Would you happen to have any suggestions on this? As in are there cer
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