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  1. That's disappointing, its taking too long.
  2. Congrats to all of you, it seems that that they chose more than one candidate i hope we all get lucky.
  3. Congratulations Rafaella best of luck , kindly share once you receive a contract.
  4. Guys, has any one completed the language test for the supply chain & logistics P2? If so when have you received the invitation.
  5. Thanks, actually the date chaned on the 17th but the status still the same.
  6. Hi UDZe, yes I did the interview on the 17th of Oct for the same position P2 level. Have you done the online interview?
  7. Hi all, can any one share the online interview questions
  8. Has any one moved to the motivational interview stage for the supply chain position yet.
  9. Guys, any updates how was the test
  10. One of my friends took the test he told me that the test contains multiple choice, T/F & couple of case scenarios.
  11. No multiple choices for sure i had taken a test for a National position last month all are case studay questions and vert tricky
  12. Anyone who had any information about suply & logistics officer technical test? Plz share
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