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  1. Hello, I got some really useful advice the last time I posted, so I thought I would ask for everyone's help again. I applied to five programs and have been accepted to: Columbia, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, Boston University, and Northwestern. I genuinely did not think I would be accepted into some of these programs given my background, so I'm really grateful. The tough situation I'm in is deciding where I should go. Although Pittsburgh is not my top choice, they offered me a really generous scholarship that would make it significantly more affordable than any o
  2. Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, my university has Calc II as a prerequisite for Linear Algebra so I can't take it until the spring. I have decided to apply to around two to three programs and just see what happens. One of those will be University of Michigan. It's a strong program with a higher admission rate and offers conditional admissions in some cases, as previously mentioned. Do you maybe have suggestions for other programs that might suit my situation?
  3. I appreciate your feedback! Another question I've been mulling over: how much do you think letters of recommendation account into the decisions made by admissions committees? If I drop the research-focused honors program, I'm not sure how that might affect the letter of recommendation my mentor would have written me. I don't think he would write me a bad one, but it just might not be as glowing as it would originally have been.
  4. Thank you for replying to my questions! You and @bayessays have really helped with some of the decisions I need to make, as well as confirming some of my initial thoughts. I'll most likely apply to just a few programs this year with the understanding that I'll probably end up taking a gap year. It's good to know I can pursue anything during that time in-between.
  5. Hello, everyone! I'm a rising senior thay has just recently made the decision to pursue a MS in biostatistics rather than the original path I've been working at for the past couple years (PhD in Clinical Psychology). Clearly, this is a major shift in my plans so I have been attempting to familiarize myself with the field and what credentials I'll need in order to be admitted into such a program. The underlying question of this post: do I even have a chance of admission for Fall 2019 or I should apply for the following year? Undergraduate Institution: Large Public Universit
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