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  1. Hello, I'm currently in my second year of Law School in Belgrade,Serbia. Although I think that I have realistic chances to graduate with relatively high GPA at the end of my undergraduate studies I think that career in legal field is not the right choice for me. I don't have any interest in pursing law and I already experienced high levels of stress during my first two years of studying law. My main area of interest is international politics and journalism and as someone who graduated as a valedictorian from IB school I have a lot of experience in those areas and I think that career in the field of international affairs will be right choice for me. I am intensively thinking about enrolling postgraduate studies in the field of International Relations with the ultimate goal of becoming professor of international relations and an independent journalist one day when I finish with my formal education. I am extremly interested in the program of International Relations at London School of Economics and Political Sceinces primarily because of strong theoretical foundations and multidisciplinary approach to the subject itself as well as extraordinary research and career opportunities. I did a lot of volunteer work during those two years of studying at university including Model UN,Model European Union, independent research projects about international politics, internship program in the field of journalism in UNODC etc. ( I can give you more details if you want it) Do you think about my idea with grad school and do you have any advices for me ( what to do what to eventually improve ) to gain admission into LSE?
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