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  1. All HPCS invitations have been extended, per head of admissions.
  2. Worried that I'm under qualified after reading all of these replies. I have a year of full time research experience (a combination of paid research coordinator and unpaid research assistant positions in three different labs), almost two years of clinical experience, an honors thesis, one poster presentation, one paper presentation. No publications.. I majored in psychology, 3.95 GPA (major and cumulative) and Q: 155 V: 157 4.5 Writing. I am working on some grants and potential publications but I am not sure if they will materialize by the time I submit my application. I have three amazing letters of rec, but I'm worried my low GRE scores and lack of long term experience will keep me from getting any interviews. It's worth mentioning that though my experience is over a brief period and I don't have publications, it has been extensive and I feel pretty knowledgable compared to others I work with and grad students I know. Is it a mistake to apply this round? I am planning to apply to the PhD Clinical Psychology Programs at: UMass Boston CU Boulder Northwestern (Chicago) Feinberg School of Medicine KU Lawrence Clark University St. John's University Hunter's HPCS Program University of Pittsburg George Mason University Stonybrook University
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