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  1. Hi I'm currently a final year computer science engineering student.I wanted to pursue a career in IB/VC or something related to it. I know that MS in finance or an MBA in finance would serve as the most apposite entry point. But since I'm just a graduate with an internship at Morgan Stanley and level 2 CFA candidacy and pretty good at math. I thought of the MFE route. Since typically an internship in finance would cut it And plus my coding 9Apps experience would help me get a good university in this field. I was hoping to get a MFE degree work as an analyst/associate for a few years. And then plan my MBA in finance to get into IB VidMate ? Enlightened bankers will this approach land me a job in IB? Or there is another route to it. I'm open to suggestion
  2. I'm considering taking on a master's degree and have taken a particular interest in MEng Certificate in Financial Engineering (at UofT, it's basically that instead of a Master's in Financial Engineering). I have a previous undergrad degree in Finance and Math, and sitting for CFA L2 this June. From your experiences, do you feel the MBA has benefited you much when you already had a degree with a commerce background? There is an MBA in Financial Engineering and Risk Management, but the MFE sounds like it would be more specific and less generic (i.e. would tackle less aspects of the overall business and would focus more on Financial Engineering). Trying to get into Quant Roles/FinTech/Wealth Mgmt What are your thoughts? For reference, I am currently looking at UofT degrees in this regard.
  3. I would be interested in doing blogs about apk's and all, is it still available ?
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