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  1. Hello, friends, I am international student from China, and would like to apply for Phd in Marketing (Business Administration) program. Does anyone suggest PhD program that does not require GMAT Score among Top 100 Universities? It is rare, but there are some cases. For example, Winsconsin Madison does not require students to have GRE for Philisophy PhD, and some Master programs in other universities, such as Brown, NYU, do not require GMAT/GRE etc. My Backgroud: MBA in Macau S.A.R., CHINA (GPA 3.67/4), English-taught with Research Component. Research Interest: Applied Econ
  2. Hi, I am also from China. It totally depedents on the program and university you are interested in. I suggest you to visit the program website on your own, or send emails to potential supervisors. For example, I am interested in phd in business admin and I sent 2 emails to 2 professors: Prof. A from Indiana U says TOEFL score is mandatory; and Prof. B from Boston U says I can apply for TOEFL waiver, providing that my master-level program is taught in English, irrespctive of the country. Good Luck!
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