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  1. Hello guys, I am going to apply for Phd in the USA and I am not sure in which I have a high chance and for which i am not good enough. I will be glad to hear your experiences and taughts. Undergrad Institution: Turkey, Bilkent University-one of the top 3 in chemistryMajor(s):ChemistryMinor(s):-GPA in Major: 4.0Overall GPA: 3.77Position in Class: 3GRE Scores (expecting):Q: 160-165V: 155-160W: 4-5S: should be high enoughResearch Experience: 1 year+summer research in Bilkent university in total synthesis of natural products, 1 summer research in RWTH Aachen-DWI Liebniz Institute (Through Max Planck Schools, Matter to Life undergrad research program) about a new drug delivery method using dendrimers and ultrasound. 9 months research on photocatalytic NOx abatement.Awards/Honors/Recognitions: All semesters high honour, 3 national chemistry olympiads medal (Gold,silver and bronze), Silver medal in International Chemistry Olympiads 2015, Compherensive Scholarship from Bilkent University(4 years), 4 year undergraduate scientist scholarship from Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutorships (2 times in TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) education camps for International Chemistry Olympiads Preparation.
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