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  1. Currently applying for Statistics Phd programs after having graduated this past May, would like to know where I stand/how import GREs will be for me. Undergrad: Top 50 according to US News. Major: Math GPA: 3.88 Student Type: Domestic, White Hispanic Male Math Courses: Real Analysis I,II (A,A), Complex Analysis (Grad) (A), Measure Theory (Grad) (A), Calc I-III (A,A,A), Probability (Grad) (A), Dif Eq (A), Dif Geometry (A), Linear Models (A), Math Stats (A), Algebraic Topology (Grad) (A-), Algebra (Grad) (A), Functional Analysis (Grad) (A), Linear Algebra (A), Topology (A). GRE General: Q: 161 (76%) V: 158 (80%) W: 3.5 (39%) Math GRE: Well below 50%. Research: 1 REU in topology/geometry, paper to be published in the Rocky Mountain Journal of Math. Presented a poster of this research at JMM. Letters of Recommendation: Professor of the grad probability class with whom I also audited a seminar course for no credit. Mentor during REU. Mentor over summer program. Programs Applying to: Statistics Phd, maybe Applied Math Phd as well. Interests: Probability, Stochastic Analysis, Topological Data Analysis Considering to Apply to: UWashington, UFlorida, Brown, Cornell, NYU, Texas A&M, Penn State I'm quite worried about my test scores as I don't expect them to improve too much despite studying (anxious test taker). Should I not report the math GRE if it is below 60%? Also, does anyone know of other (non-elite) schools that do topological data analysis? Thanks for the feedback.
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