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  1. Thanks for the update. Waiting till next week I guess... crap...
  2. Beer and a good curry sounds awesome to me. Lets see who is around in two weeks and lets meetup!
  3. A pint would hit the spot ( but a tea would be ok also.. lol)! Any good pubs at Carleton??
  4. Well we could setup a reddit I suppose or just get together for coffee some week soon!
  5. haha yeah I have flashbacks every time I login. Windows 95 and Dreamweaver!!
  6. Sorry.. lol Did you get anything on your specialization?? Nothing on mine yet..
  7. Hang on.. It'll show up. Funny enough I didn't get the "review in progress" alert. It's still showing recommended... weird...
  8. Awesome!! I'm still stuck in "recommended for assessment" hell.... haha
  9. I believe mine was about three weeks ago now. I applied in Nov but my last recommendation was on Jan 12th so I'm not expecting a reply until the 2nd week of March.
  10. Yeah I know... but still it's Prague... one of the cities on my bucket list... haha
  11. Same here. Did the 1001 and 1002 last summer. First Econ courses i ever did but they were good and Prof Joseph was awesome...
  12. BTW there is a lot of good info regarding NPSIA and Carleton in general on the /r/CarletonU reddit site. From what I'm reading it looks like GAC is ok for a co-op but don't expect to get on there full time...
  13. Accepted to LSE?? NICE! I was seriously considering the Masters in International Security Studies however NPSIA was the only programme I applied for. I don't think my wife would let me go to the Czech Republic for two years without her even tho funding is pretty generous in most European countries... lol
  14. I'm the same when it comes to Intell and IA. I'm looking at doing something with Transnational Organized Crime and National Security/Intelligence as a research paper.
  15. What streams was everyone looking at getting into? I'm hoping for the Intelligence/IA or Security and Defence Policy streams.
  16. Looks like they are pushing the coursework option...
  17. No I think you might be right. Even tho it's from 2017, the requirements should't have changed that much. The pdf states the research paper is 50-80 pages which is fairly close... Good find thanks! https://carleton.ca/npsia/wp-content/uploads/degree-by-research-essay-2017.pdf
  18. That is a difficult position to be in.... A full time job and doing a masters program will keep you busy... lol Found this guide from Carleton while looking for ideas: https://carleton.ca/polisci/graduate/ma-program/masters-thesis-and-essay-guidelines/ Check out the last paragraph for the research paper option! For me I'm probably stopping at the Masters. While I would like to, I'm little to old to be doing a PhD option honestly. The need for a full time job out weighs the PhD...
  19. Well, looking forward to when we all get into out respective programs.. :-) Who here is considering the thesis route or the research paper? I'm leaning more towards the paper as it doesn't get "defended before a formal thesis board" However my wife is trying to persuade me that the thesis option is a better way to go. I prefer to be in the background and do research but that's just me...
  20. My last reference submitted on the 12th of Jan so I guess I'm in the middle of the pack. Which isn't so bad as quite often the first round has a good chance at funding... so I've heard. Which along with 2.50 will get you a cup of coffee... lol Excellent! Yours is moving quickly! I'm still stuck on the "recommended for assessment".... 😞
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