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    HGSE 2020

    Hiya, glad to see this years application cycle up - looking forward to anxiously waiting together! Applying for the PhD program (CIS) GPA UG: 3.60 / GPA Masters: 3.67 - went to the top public health school in the world if that helps at all. GRE: 165 (Q), 165 (V), 4.5 (AW) Teaching experience: English in Cambodia (1 year), americorps (6 months) Work experience: manager at a nonprofit, health policy, patient advocacy and health education (2.5 years); legal assistant in Ghana research experience: 2+ years of qualitative research in LMIC’s and research uptake of maternal and child health educational materials, sexual education with adolescents, child stimulation education, and best practices on how to teach slum tenants best sanitation practices by landowners . 1 year creating an online interactive toolkit database to distribute to policy makers to learn about different mortality and morbidity outcomes for adolescent health and education. Publications: 2 manuscripts will be published in high profile journals in November 3 manuscripts pending and will be published in December (after the application cycle) I’m moving from the health field (got a masters in public health) to education because I was much more interested in how people learned health concepts but also hope the AdCom doesn’t find it odd that I’m moving from the health field to education. I feel like I have pretty strong LORs from the research projects I’ve been on and courses in my masters class and a very solid personal statement to talk about my specific interests. Fingers crossed for everyone and best of luck. Always here for moral support! (I can send you cute pictures of my wheaten terrier if you need some TLC, just DM me!!)
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