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  1. Hi I've been accepted and plan to attend a very small PhD in biomedical science program in the state of LA, my advisor told me going here would be okay as long as I get a good post doc. Does anyone know of successful researchers who've gone to little tiny no name schools? I am interested in a project here... there are about 70 biomedical Phd students total across 8 departments..
  2. Thank you for the reply, I'm adding UM to my list. Can you speak on the differences between MPH and MSPH. I was told the MSPH is usually a dead end degree ( highest level of education one gets). Because I would like to stay in research I was thinking it would be the best option.
  3. As most of us are aware the application season is well underway for fall 2020 graduate programs. I'm having a lot of difficulty deciding the type of program I want to apply to. I currently work as a lab tech for a major research institution in the united states. I am starting my second year here and this is the only research experience I have with one publication under my belt. I work in an immunology lab and we do a lot of cell/molecular based research. I enjoy my work here a lot but I often feel as if I'm missing the bigger picture. As such I've started to think about a research career
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