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  1. Hello Future Social Workers! Hope all are well & healthy. Times are uncertain, as many of us prepare our moves and lives for grad school. I wanted to start a thread where we could all brainstorm, vent, share and discuss whether or not we will be pursuing a masters or not this fall. How is everyone feeling? Has anyone heard back on whether their program will be online or not? Is anyone in favor of an online-program? Are you guys worried about field placement options? Do you guys think if classes will be online, we can qualify for lower tuition cost? Plea
  2. So happy for you! Congratulations!!!
  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT. Literally have been on this forum just waiting for you to get ACCEPTED!
  4. That was where you got a full ride right??
  5. Ahh. I know a lot of their decisions came out in lots of waves this year, so I would just sit tight and not freak out until the 3/15 deadline. Because they have to render a decision by then, unless it falls on a weekend or something. lol I think they just have a huge applicant pool this year! Seems like 80% of this thread only applied there.
  6. Will they be releasing decisions by Mar 15th?
  7. Congrats! What is your top choice?
  8. Congrats! Are you attending? I accepted at CU
  9. I heard back Around Dec 6, 2019 and was accepted. I got an email notifying me. I reached out a couple weeks ago to decline. The process took about 5-6 weeks I believe. I also applied REALLY early. When did you apply?
  10. via email! Nothing on the portal had my award info.
  11. If it has been past two weeks you are allowed to email them: cssw-admit@columbia.edu and inquire about your award letter.
  12. I applied to GMU in early October and heard back mid October? Although once I inquired about further info, like class schedule, aid, email set up etc, they were very unorganized and virtually never got back to me. I crossed them off as an option a while ago - so I stopped following up. For UMB I applied early October (10/11) and Heard back mid Nov (11/22ish). As long as you fill the FASFA form out, you should be eligible for the general federal unsubsidized loan I mentioned. You do not need to sign up for anything specifically, as they determine what they can offer you and how many loans
  13. Most schools use your FASFA information as a benchmark on what their grad program wants to award you. CU was able to revise my scholarship offer and is administered through the FASFA office, so maybe that is why they are asking for you to fill it out? (For instance - the revised scholarship did not come from the admissions team, rather I got the letter from the FASFA team). However, I am sure the admissions team was the one to approve it for disbursement. Hope that helps or makes sense.
  14. Hey there, I applied to GMU and UMB. I heard back from GMU within a few weeks (fairly fast), and I heard back from UMB after 6 weeks. UMB does not award any scholarships until March, so you would not see it in your letter. GMU did not offer or even mention anything in regards to scholarships and I did not ask. No acceptance letter of any program mentioned Loans/Work study, FASFA is completely a different entity of the school. However if you fill out FASFA, you qualify for unsubsidized loans in the amount of $20.5k, and any additional loans may require a credit check. Work study will be offered
  15. Ahh - makes sense, are you set on Penn?
  16. Awesome! Let us know if it ends up well for you. I am surprised schools are taking that long, as some people would need to see the revised amount before accepting? Good Luck!
  17. Congrats! What program track and speciality are you in?
  18. That usually means you’re in - should update within the hour!
  19. Was anybody else able to the scholarship appeal and receive more funds?? P.S. this works at other schools as well, not just CU.
  20. I heard back at the 6 week mark. I applied in early Oct and heard back In late Nov.
  21. You sound amazing, good luck with UM! And keep us posted
  22. I heard back after 5 business days, so about a week!
  23. I am so overjoyed for you Madison! Congratulations very well deserved!!
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