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  1. What Mae you originally rule out chicago? And I would only apply if it’s a serious option to move for you. Yes I’m currently weighing my options and feel the same exact way. There’s a lot to consider. I think overall tuition fees will be my main concern as I do not not want to take debt out.
  2. Hmm It may just be where they post your decision after they review your app! Good LUCK! I can imagine the feeling of passing out. And yes I have read that is where everyone typically receives their decision.
  3. Goodluck, lots of Columbia applicants on this forum -lets keep each other posted with decisions!
  4. Thanks for sharing all that insight, I have on going pro/cons list about all the schools I’ve applied to that I’m highly considering and jotted some of your points that. Sigh, if I get into UC - I think I’ll be set on staying in chicago, I just am worried about picking UIC because it’s the “responsible” thing to do. Tuition would be so cheap ($31k) for the entire program, and they do have a great one! It’s just sadly not clinically focused, which worries me. Are you only set on UC Berkeley? Also you may have already mentioned but is your previous experience in social work or a related field?
  5. feel free to PM me if you ever have more or specific questions.
  6. Yeah, so what the commute being twice I week, I don't think it would be horrible based on what you described, but would definitely be tough. And then field placement would be a whole other thing to consider. I used to commute prior and would take the train for 60 minutes everyday. It was tiresome after months of doing that 5 days a week I'll say. But I don't mind it much if it meant trading off to live in the city. So definitely not moving into a random house, because my husband and I are a little more settled in and need our own privacy haha. So we were thinking of renting a one bedroom. The prices for a one bedroom in Manhattan are a little more reasonable for NY (which we expected). Because I only plan to live in the area for the two years of my program, we thought it would be fun to experience living in NY if we are going to be in that area anyway. I can't believe you pay almost $5k for a 2 bedroom, NY is CRAZY expensive but that is spacious compared to what I have heard others live in. Does your partner commute from Manhattan as well to New Brunswick? Or are they living on campus? What makes you want to move from NYC to Berkeley? Which looks like a dream - Hope you get in!!!!!
  7. Good luck! That's awesome you already got into one program.
  8. YIKES on part 1.... Haha I like the honesty in this post. It almost seems unattractive based on some of the points you mention. However, do you think living in NY city and commuting to school twice a week is doable or would bring a better living experience? My husband and I are even considering live there as well for school. I am planning a visit in Feb/Mar to check out campus. Overall thank you for the very honest feedback. I hate comparing other cities to Chicago, because It makes it tough to consider them as I love Chicago. It just sucks when other schools have better programs in different areas 😕 gah.
  9. Aweeeee snap! You have nothing to worry about, bilingual candidates and international social work and a multicultural background? You’re already a very diverse candidate!! I have 0 doubts in you getting in, as long as your LORs and SOP are spot in. But you already seem to have a clear understanding of what you want to do :). I also got the same email! I signed up for the event ad well and requested travel funds - as I’m in chicago. Fingers crossed. However, I know they are looking for more black and Hispanic candidates to fly in based on the flyer. (Which I’m neither). From my experience and feedback so far - FASFA awards do not disburse until feb and schools do not award school scholarships (merit or need) until feb/March. Good luck! as far as missing priority deadline - I’m unsure if when you’ll hear back. I applied 11/7 and my app still says under review by committee. Also - I haven’t received any green with my letters, but the schools i heard back from stated they do not send awards until March, after they get the majority of the acceptances back. But I’ve read for other schools such as UC and NYU , BU and BC they offer funding in the offer letter. Which makes sense as most of the schools are private and also make their offers closer to Jan/Feb.
  10. UC said they will release decisions mid Jan to early Feb for applicants who applied Dec 1. I wish we could know sooner, because that’s the last school that is holding up my decision on where to go! ( I got this information today from an admissions contact at UC.) UIC has already been reviewing applications and sent their first batch of acceptances on Dec 2nd. I believe they will either start to send them as they accept students or send a final wave in Jan. However, I do know they review applications every Friday and are about 3-4 weeks behind. So if you wait at least 3 weeks and call to ask the status, they will give you the decision over the phone, assuming they reviewed your app. But will not notify you via email until the second wave. I happened to call back in Early Nov and found out I was accepted before the email a month later!
  11. Yes I’m going to be in that campus as well! How is it there? I know nothing of NJ or New Brunswick, but the school has a great program so I’m highly considering it. Does your partner like living there, how do they like the school?
  12. Yep, this is the communication they personally provided me based on when I applied.
  13. From experience I heard back on the 6 week mark from UMD. They are pretty on time with the applications! Some stats the admissions team told me are that they accept about 450 students a year and have spots for about 300-350 to accept. I never received a status update on my application. It never even went to " under review". I just got an email 6 weeks later saying a decision was made and to check to portal. Your background is very diverse and I love that! You seem to be a great candidate for MSW programs and to eventually get into research. Your publishing experience will tie in well with that. Good luck and send a friendly reminder to your reference when you have a chance!
  14. Good luck! I think its also great that you're applying to a ton of schools not mentioned on too many threads here on gradcafe. I imagine you will not have issues being accepted. Most programs are very understanding and just want to see why you are interested in an MSW. I feel like most of the "popular" MSW programs - are the same exact ones we all apply for, so you will have competitive advantage for sure!
  15. Good luck! I really hope you get in, I am not sure when they send out decisions, but here is a thread from last year. It may be helpful to skim through. I think Columbia can have a greater acceptance rate because it may have more resources dedicated to this program, and not everyone accepts their enrollment that applied once they weigh out the costs of the program. $100k just for tuition in NY, isn't very attracting for a MSW lol. I think a lot of students bank of scholarships of some sort.
  16. Isn't that the best? I wish a lot more schools had rolling admissions!
  17. Some random bits of info. If you applied by the Dec 1 deadline, Columbia will be releasing decisions Mid Jan - Early Feb. Boston College will start releasing Jan 1, 2020. Boston University - End of Feb.
  18. I actually did not apply to any advance standing programs - I am a career changer and am a financial analyst. Thank you much! Yes, I am overwhelmed with excitement, I was a bit concerned I may be overlooked with my professional experience, being quite different. However it has been great to hear so much positive feedback from admissions. I put ALOT of effort into all my applications and I think it really showed. Are you familiar with Rutgers or the NJ area? Could you provide any information on what living there would be like? I'm in the Midwest and I hear it is a completely different feel than the east coast. My top choices are : University of Chicago, Rutgers, University of Illinois (Chicago), and University of Maryland. So it really worked out well that those are the first programs I heard back from! Basically these schools have programs that are more catered to what I want to study and have a city where I could see myself living. UC and UIC being better options, because I already live in Chicago. I also really liked Boston College and UT - Austin. However, these locations would be a little tougher to move to for me.
  19. Thank you, and so sorry about that. Good luck for all your apps! Hope you get into all the programs you apply for!
  20. Whoops sorry! I didn't realize this thread was for Pyschology.. For Fall 2020, MSW programs. Clinical Counsiling. (2 year track). George Mason University, University of Maryland, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Rutger's University.
  21. Double Space, 12 pt. Times Roman, (Unless Stated Otherwise), and keep within the word limit. I did this for all my SOP's and didn't have an issue. I also used a title page for all of them and added the program and school name and my name. i've been accepted into 4 schools so far, no issues.
  22. What school are you apply into?
  23. Yay! Just got accepted into Rutger's University! Is anyone from the NJ area??
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