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  1. Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley are the most competitive programs by a wide margin
  2. I looked into this bc of similar circumstances. HKS explicitly says not to send them updates to your application. Something about the application load being too great for them to be able to individually update applications after the deadline. I thought about sending anyway but ultimately decided against it. This was a major bummer for me, as I had sort of anticipated that these developments - which were already pending in early December - would provide a timely boost to my application. I also think that the post-deadline application update can actually do more for your profile than simply incl
  3. Also out at MIT, as expected. Family friend is emeritus DUSP faculty and told me point-blank that I would need more experience. Now deciding between GSD and Berkeley
  4. sweet. I assume we are first round acceptances(?), which would seem to bode well for funding possibilities thank you!
  5. Age/Gender/Citizenship: 25, male, USA Undergraduate degree/School/Year graduated: landscape architecture, flagship state school, 2019 GPA: 3.5 GRE: 167V/165Q, awaiting results of AW but will likely retake for higher verbal score Work Experience: Internships with local LA firm and my city’s public works org in the transportation engineering and design component. Currently working for a housing nonprofit Letters of recommendation: Director of the nonprofit I work for, LA department head from my university, and a prof with whom I am fairly close. Department head and profe
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