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  1. @Sea Salt Most people do 3+3 in Year 1 and 2+2 in year 2 (that's what I'm doing). There are several people who do something like 4+3 in year 1 and then 3 in the following Fall to graduate a semester early but this isn't very common I'm still debating on doing the practicum since there's lots of classes that I really want to take and doing a practicum would take time off of them. I think practicums are helpful when you don't have an internship lined up or something but if you do, I wouldn't stress about doing the practicum unless you really want to. Practicums are conducted within
  2. 1) So far I've mostly taken classes required for all DATS students including Stats, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics. Electives so far include databases, forecasting analysis, and probability models in marketing. Classes have been online this school year. Since classes are recorded many people don't show for the live lectures but classes sizes highly depend on the classes you're taking. I say average is about 30-50. So far the most interesting class is Probability Models in Marketing - it's one of the most popular classes in Wharton and the professor is a really good orator. 2) D
  3. Yes I'm currently attending UPenn and I'm really enjoying it so far. I mainly chose UPenn over NYU because I wasn't a fan of night classes and like the flexibility of UPenn's program. I'm able to take classes in Wharton and count them towards my degree, for instance. Despite UPenn being a newer program than NYU I found that all of my peers were able to get internships in data science, data engineering, ML engineering related roles for this summer, so employers definitely do not look down on it. I didn't get accepted to Columbia's program but I would have chosen UPenn's program even i
  4. @bigcake Sorry for the late response - haven't gone on gradcafe in awhile GRE: 164 Q, 162 V, 4.0 Writing GPA: 3.9/4.0 BS in Computer Science Did several internships in consulting, a startup, and a FAANG company related to front end development and data science US citizen
  5. @Bulmicoa Trump only banned green card processing, which doesn't affect international students
  6. I'm guessing that anyone who hasn't heard back from Columbia by now and did not get a waitlist notification is rejected. Wonder why they haven't sent the rejections out yet.
  7. I interviewed with them in early March and still haven't received any response yet. Not sure what to make of it.
  8. Also, does anyone have an idea when more decisions for Columbia MS DS will come out? Still waiting for mine...
  9. @happypanda521 no - in fact, it's probably better to take an offer now because it's harder to find a job
  10. @david0217 My strategy would be to try to look NYU alums on Linkedin and see what they're up to now. That might help. When I did that I find that NYU alum seems to get more brand-name company jobs. I have also heard of @Guest123's note that Columbia seems to be a cash cow program. The fact that you have to put down such a large deposit and made a decision so quickly for Columbia raises red flags for me. NYU's only asking for a $250 deposit and gives you a month to decide. Edit: grammar
  11. @indigo_squirrel_6 Depends on what you want to prioritize. If you want to graduate quickly with low tuition but potentially sacrifice getting a thorough data science education in multiple subjects, choose USF. Otherwise I'd choose NYU.
  12. @david0217 I agree with ilovepenguins. Also, 7 days to make a decision?!? That's such a red flag to me.
  13. @streamblazer Congrats! Mind if I ask when you got your interview request? In response to your question, I'm personally a bit skeptical of UC Berkeley's program given that it's only a year long. A quality program probably should be at least 3 semesters. However, alumni of UC Berkeley's program seem to go to good places, so it's not a poor program. I personally would choose Columbia out of the two options given though.
  14. I saw some people getting acceptances to the columbia ds program on the results page. Can anyone here verify that decisions are being released?
  15. Columbia DS said they were going to start releasing decisions mid-March, but given the coronovirus outbreak, I expect results to be delayed
  16. @hellobello I'm most likely turning down NYU because I'm personally not a fan of night classes. I realize it's a pro for some but it doesn't fit my learning style and I'm concerned about being out at night in downtown. I also like Penn's curriculum better since it's more flexible and their cohort size is smaller. Edit: Also, another thing to note that it's a lot cheaper to live in Philadelphia than Manhattan.
  17. Yeah I'm leaning towards UPenn at the moment. I'm waiting back on Stanford MS CS. If I get in, I'll probably attend that program.
  18. @hellobello April 4 for me. I'm most likely going to decline the offer so good luck!
  19. She did ultimately want to enter a more engineering based role so the program fits her. She's happy with the decision ultimately.
  20. I'm quoting a friend who currently attends the program. While that may be true theoretically, the reality is that a lot of students enter the applied data science program with a limited CS background so they can transition into SWE or data engineering. the MS CS (Data Science) program requires a CS background, so students without the background would choose the applied data science program. I don't really know much about the MS analytics program since its new. I would feel hesitant in being the first batch for a new program.
  21. Thanks! I don't know much about UVA's program but from what I heard about USC'S MS in applied data science is that it's very geared towards people who want to enter software engineering or data engineering rather than analytics. I'm personally looking for more analytics based programs so I'm not really considering USC's program at the moment.
  22. @jimjamlorde My app has been under review since Jan 6. I got an interview on Feb 29, so review status is not indicative of anything.
  23. A friend at USC's program said most people end up going into SWE or Data engineering rather than data science and analytics. Idk what your goals are, but if you want to do more analytics kind of work, I wouldn't go there. USC's program is also huge. Some of their classes can have 200+ people, which makes it hard to get to know your professors. Columbia's a 1.5 years program. I'm not too inclined on going to programs that aren't 2 years long because they aren't as in-depth. I think comparing NYU with Columbia, I would choose NYU because their program is much more established and have great
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