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  1. @JilltheGradgal I'm in the exact same boat, deciding between the two. I did my undergrad at NYU, let's chat! Also, I'm so excited to see acceptances from everyone on this thread! I've been with y'all since before apps are do, and I feel like I practically know everyone! We did it, friends!
  2. No problem at all! Of course I'm a little biased because I left Boston for you New York, but if you have any other specific questions, feel free to PM me
  3. They have an accepted students reception on March 2nd, and admitted students day in NYC, SF, and LA, on 4/4, 4/15, and 4/17, respectively I don't know a ton about BC's Social Work, but I grew up in the area (my grandparents practically live on the campus!) and moved to NYC in 2015, so I can speak a bit to living in both places, although I'm a bit biased towards NYC. Boston is really quaint and has a strong education culture, due to having a high concentration of universities. There are also a ton of young students and working professionals, so despite being a historical city, it feels young. However, it really lacks diversity and culture, especially compared to New York, and Newton (the suburb) feels this even more so. I also was surprised that there isn't a huge difference in the cost of living between NYC and Boston. Congrats on having two really excellent options!
  4. For those worrying, my friend got into Columbia the very last week of February last year! @madisonc7 did you get an extension for NYU? They want my decision earlier.
  5. Both! My background is in research in social cognition. I want to be a sex therapist, focusing on trauma, relationships, and women's mental health. How did you all apply for a financial aid re-review at CU?
  6. cssw-admit@columbia.edu I asked for additional time because the only admitted students event was the same week my decision was due.
  7. No don't worry you got this! My friend who is in her first year said she didn't hear back from Columbia until the last week of February - you have plenty of time!! I got accepted last week with an email update telling me that my decision was available in my portal.
  8. I got an email with the award listed in the body of the email - it wasn't related to my portal. Mine came exactly a week after my acceptance. If it's messing with your ability to make a decision, you should try asking for an extension - Columbia was SO nice and granted me an additional two weeks to make my decision.
  9. Just got my scholarship from Columbia! It's 1k more than NYU, so still a tough decision!
  10. @katp they financial aid info should come in the next week! Huge congrats! Also, is anyone attended accepted students events at NYU or Columbia?
  11. I got into NYU on Tuesday, but they initially said I would hear back by in late Feb/Early March. I think they still have a lot of decisions to roll out.
  12. Hi all! I applied and was accepted to both NYU and Columbia, and am trying to choose between the two. I would love anyone's opinions on the two, and also wanted to create a thread for NYU and CU folks who applied, were accepted, and/or committed?
  13. Also, for those accepted to CU, when did you receive your aid package?
  14. Hi all! This website was down for me for the past few days. When I was freaking out about Columbia last week, I talked to a friend of mine who was accepted there last year, and she said she found out the very end of February. So for those of you worrying, I totally sympathize with the weird timeline, but I really don't think it has any bearing on your admissions status. Rooting for y'all!
  15. AHH I got into Columbia tonight too (accepted to NYU this morning) - big day here in NYC!
  16. I think they're a little all over the place. I reached out to NYU last week and they said I'd hear back in 5-7 weeks... then got my acceptance this morning.
  17. I got into NYU with a 15k scholarship!! It's my first acceptance and I absolutely love the school, I'm so excited!!
  18. Congrats! I've lived in NYC for the past 5 years, so let me know if you need anything or have any questions
  19. How do you know if your application was sent to review? I'm nervous because I hadn't heard anything 😬
  20. Congrats!! When did you apply?
  21. @madisonc7 Ugh I got that too and got nervous for a moment! @Zayah NYU and Columbia are definitely my top two. I'm a little torn (if I get in, of course!) because Columbia is so highly ranked but NYU is better suited towards clinical work.
  22. YASSS ZAYAH! Which program did you apply to?
  23. Those are my two top choices as well! I can't stand to leave New York. At the NYU info session, they said 95% of students receive some sort of financial aid (merit or need based). Hopefully I'll see you at school in the fall
  24. That's amazing! I just submitted my application last week. Are you going to accept? Did you receive any info about financial aid?
  25. Mine changed as well, last Thursday or Friday.
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