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  1. ...What was that downvote for Justice4All being accepted though? Maybe they saw through your such side which seems to go against the important qualities in counseling profession.
  2. Regarding all the debates over how many offers to hold onto - Do you file some sort of case/explanation for why you're holding on to more than 2 offers at a time or does someone/a group come after you if you are holding onto multiple offers? Automatic withdrawals of acceptances? Or is this just some general courtesy? quick edit: This is my first time doing the graduate apps and I was not aware of this matter until recently. Just want to know how it works and what to do...
  3. How did you guys email the POI/department about rejecting the admission offer? I am really grateful for every offer and would like to show that whilst rejecting the offer. Now that I have mostly narrowed down my options, I would like to inform those schools soon so that the waitlisted applicants can get the opportunity asap. Please share how you phrased it or if any other thread has this discussion going on!
  4. WHAT! Would you mind PMing me the POI info?
  5. Anyone applied to U of Washington? Don't think I saw any results for developmental.
  6. I have similar confusions! Just DMed you about them.
  7. Could you also PM me your POI/caller information? Congrats!!!!!!!!
  8. I promise this is my last post about dying inside due to Minnesota. But this. Me until (and probs after) the announcement.
  9. That would be great! I did the same to appeal to their community mentorship model. Just wanna know if the one who called you is my "primary" 😭
  10. I would seriously get a heart attack. Would you mind sharing the POI's name via PM? Sorry for bothering you too much...
  11. Thank you so much!! Congrats tons and tons!
  12. Glad I made someone laugh (snort) 😊 But for real. I am dying. Please @Ravenwood8. I know I posted like 13 seconds ago but. Prease come bakc. xc EDIT: Would you mind sharing who called (ICD grad admin or specific POI), whether your portal status changed to Accepted, and if they told you when the emails would go out?
  13. SAME OMG Congrats!!!!!! Would you mind telling us any relevant information you received? Is everyone who is being accepted getting this call? Waitlist? Are you special? Sorry. The amount of panic is unreal.
  14. I don't have a premium! I can't see the full history of who've seen my profile but just who've seen it in the previous week. Not sure if you can see the full list if you get premium.
  15. That's such a good sign! I am only noticing the schools I haven't applied to seeing my profiles 🙄
  16. I totally missed this earlier. You are already accepted to a program?! When was the application due? BTW congrats!!!!!!
  17. If you haven't responded to them yet, I would def go to the one that you're more interested in and ask for an alternative visiting date or skype interview for the other. I have had that happen already but I got the first invitation a few weeks before the second one, so I was already committed to go to the first one (fortunately, I am more interested in the first school). I politely explained to the second school and they scheduled alternative skype interviews for me.
  18. I am on the same page here! I still have a couple of schools with zero news... Not sure what is going on.
  19. I agree. I also wonder what are the chances of people that get waitlisted to eventually get accepted. I feel like almost no one will decline the admissions offer from ICD.
  20. I applied to the straight up Developmental! I remember you posted before that you did DPCS? Do you know if ICD announces the results for both tracks on the same day? Past result posts confuse me a little cause some specify DPCS and some others say Child Clinical, etc.
  21. SAME. PANIC. EVERY. MINUTE. Yea, them using the Monday to send out the news is possible. Or will they send it out tomorrow and take Monday off completely (i.e., avoid sad sobbing tearful emails asking for reasons for rejection)?! I just want to know NOW or get the sleep blow-dart and wake up like...next Wednesday.
  22. Sooo I was yet holding my breath for Minnesota, thinking it should be like next Monday or so since they've usually announced on 18th-20th in the past. Then I just realized that 1/18 in 2019 was the third Friday which is TOMORROW.
  23. I think who contacts to inform the invite totally depends on the school. Penn State looks like one of the developmental faculties was in charge this year and she will remain as the email announcer until the end. I also had some preliminary contact with my Penn State POIs and thought it would be mildly awkward to stay silent until the visit in the end of Feb. So I sent brief emails, along the line of "I am excited to visit/meet you all and hope you had good holidays". They replied kindly and briefly as well. I think it really wouldn't hurt to send a check-in email and keep the good impression!
  24. Sorry for asking this question again but I never heard much news 😭 Does anyone know if UCLA Developmental finished extending the interview invitations? I realized their website says that all invitations will be out at least 2 weeks before the interview events and Developmental's on 1/31-2/1. So I guess it is almost over... There's just been such a lack of info shared for UCLA this year and I just rather get their rejection letter already. Stupid me for not letting it go...
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