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  1. I applied to the social psych track at NYU and I'm freaking out right now, it was one of my safest bets (my LORs carried a lot of weight there). I hope they're still sending invites for the social program. If anyone got an interview for the NYU social program I'll appreciate if you could PMme POI initials.
  2. Awesome news! Kudos I'm also applying to the Social Psych program at NYU. Out of curiosity, which POIs you are interested in?
  3. I didn't have the chance to do this with any of the POIs except from one (at Johns Hopkins), unfortunately after some emails I realized it wasn't a good fit so we never skyped. I did exchange several emails with most of them though.
  4. To send the apps on time, I had to pull an all-nighter throughout Friday-Saturday. Due to the lack of sleep, I was in a quasi-psychotic state while completing the last apps. Fortunately, I think I didn't make any mistakes. The most stressful thing I've done and as an international student (it's my first time applying), everything seems more obscure and complicated.
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