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  1. The kidlit program is really young, so my guess is that it is more that, or perhaps they don't have a great baseline for competitively assessing the candidates against those for more well-established programs. Plus, there are fewer faculty associated with it. They made up the difference between a private scholarship I had and actual costs. I couldn't begin to guess what they base it on though. I have been in teaching several years, and seem to have a little different CV/ record than a lot of applicants, so it could have been atypical as well. Unfortunately, when my scholarship was canc
  2. Hey! I applied to the same concentration Last year they didn't accept anyone for that particular program til February, my app sat at "department review" for over five months. So don't give up hope on admissions or other funding yet!
  3. I applied to the MPhil in Education end of September to get to the Gates deadline, but no admission... I feel like that is a pretty likely indication I am not under consideration for Gates, even if my POI is insistent I will be readmitted (I was accepted and funded last year, but thanks to Covid...) Anyone else waiting to hear back from the US round?
  4. Hey guys, hope you don’t mind me popping in to ask if there’s a Cam postgrad offer holder’s thread? Not sure if I’ve missed it.
  5. I was waitlisted and got my rejection today. Good luck to those of you still in the running!
  6. Also, it seems some departments wait until they complete the degree committee hearings to nominate, if they don’t have any strong candidates to put forward at early admission. I pestered some people with GC and at the Uni and was told we could be waitlisted due to pending nominations, and it was implied (though not directly stated) that we would be informed Friday about waitlist status. However, I haven’t seen many people on previous years’ threads report waitlist notices. That could be self-selection or a misinterpretation of info on my part, though. Either way, I feel alright about submittin
  7. I think I assumed we would get a rejection notice if we weren’t nominated at all, especially as the Gates site says all applicants are notified by December 20. Guess we will see Friday!
  8. This might be silly, but my potential supervisor emailed me and told me I wasn’t nominated for Gates but am being considered for other funding (hence my earlier post). However, I haven’t gotten a Gates rejection email. Wonder why?
  9. I received a rejection email today, if that is any help. However, I’m still being considered for admission. They must have looked at the application, so I’m hoping it is a good sign my application is not yet rejected! It is hard not to read too far into any of this! Haha
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