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  1. If you are already accepted, I would recommend contacting the GEM University Rep to ask how the process works at that specific institution. That is what I did, and it cleared up a lot of confusion. For example, I learned from the rep at my chosen school that they only fund full GEM Fellows. So, they are waiting for my employer sponsor to send an official offer before they start processing my funding. I think every university has their own system, so definitely reach out!
  2. I got the same notification both when I was held and released (strange that you went straight from matched to released...). I didn't know you could receive messages, though. Could it perhaps be a message from the chat tab on the top left of the portal window?
  3. I, too, was released yesterday. It's reassuring to know we are all in the same boat. @stafoI did get an email from GEM on 12/10 titled Applicants FAQ.
  4. @OscarGon1234 Thanks! The notification was on the egem portal. @emmajean_b Don't lose hope yet! It is still really early in the process!!
  5. Hi fellow GEM applicants, Trying not to get too excited, but my status changed to Held today after about 2 weeks of being Matched. Got the following notification: "Congratulations Aerospace Corporation, The have responded to your application." Good vibes to you all!
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