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  1. My internship was turned into a virtual one.
  2. From my expereince that "Willing to Accept as GEM Fellow" means something different to each university GEM rep. For example, my first choice university put that for me but they were only going to accept me as a GEM Fellow if and only if I was selected by a GEM employer to be a Full Fellow and not an Associate or University Fellow. Another university I appied to put "Willing to Accept as GEM Fellow" for me and they genuinely meant that they are willing to accept me as a Associate Fellow even if I have not been selected by a university. My advice to you is to continue being in contact with the GEM reps for the universities and get all the information you need from them.
  3. On the GEM portal there's a contract that you, the GEM rep of the university, and a GEM excutive director will electronically sign and I think that is the final step. I have already signed and my university GEM rep has already signed but it's the GEM executive director that is behind and taking a long time to sign their part.
  4. Out of pure curiosity, whose internship hasn't been cancelled yet? I'm still a little worried about us potentially losing our funding if we don't end up interning for our emloyers this summer. I have already signed my employment contract and received email confirmation from my first choice school that they are willing to accept me as a Full Fellow before all these virus shenanigans started.
  5. Thinking ahead here, but at what point are we allowed to pursue other internship opportunities from non-GEM employers for the summer? I have another internship offer that was contingent of me getting a GEM employer to sponsor me or not and since my GEM employer cancelled my internship due to this whole COVID-19 situation, I would rather elect to intern for the non-GEM employer this summer since they have remote WFH options and then continue my internship with my GEM employer next summer. I just don't know how to ask this without coming off as ungrateful. I just really do not want to stay home and do nothing for the summer.
  6. Apparenty, my summer internship was just cancelled due to this whole Covid-19 situation. I am just concerned how this affects my fellowship and the funding to my university.
  7. I'll say contact the GEM rep for that university and have them look into it. From experience, many school departments don't really know much about the GEM Fellowship and will just refer to the school's GEM rep. I do know that schools are just waiting for the GEM employer selection process to be over before they start informing students if they are willing to fully fund them.
  8. I was under the impression that other scholarships/fellowships were stackable with the GEM Fellowship. However, there are some schools that will take away a scholarship offer to you if it ends up being that you have been awarded a GEM Fellowship, since your tuition will already be covered. The best bet for you is to reach out to the GEM rep of the university in question and ask them.
  9. Yes, you definitely should. The same thing happened to me and I got my deadline extended.
  10. For the people who were recently contacted by Intel, have you received any notifications regarding an interview?
  11. Yes, you definately should reach out to the GEM rep for that school. Same thing happened to me and I reached out and they told me they are waiting for the employer selection process to be over with before they start issuing out funding.
  12. So far, I have had only two universities put down that I have applied on the GEM site. I was going to give it until Friday before I start emailing the GEM reps from each school to change my status.
  13. Nope, still the same for me But I have been checking everyday and think since it's the holidays, not many changes will happen anytime soon, so I told myself I'm not checking anymore till after New Years lol.
  14. My status was changed to released today as well. For it to have happened to all of us maybe there is some glitch somewhere.
  15. Has anyone heard back from GEM or gotten an email? I haven't but comparing with the timetable from last year people should have heard back by now.
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