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  1. Nope, still the same for me But I have been checking everyday and think since it's the holidays, not many changes will happen anytime soon, so I told myself I'm not checking anymore till after New Years lol.
  2. My status was changed to released today as well. For it to have happened to all of us maybe there is some glitch somewhere.
  3. Has anyone heard back from GEM or gotten an email? I haven't but comparing with the timetable from last year people should have heard back by now.
  4. Hi Vitamalt, Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the next application cycle to be considered. My friend attempted to apply to the day after the deadline and they denied him. However, since you are calling them, it won't hurt to try your luck and ask. Sorry!
  5. That's great news!! @mechaniCOOLengineer I'm still on Matched but I know from past years it can take a while for it to change. Thanks for the vibes!
  6. Okay that makes a lot of sense. Thank you @fettuccine_avocado Also, you might have to contact GEM regarding that one either through email or by phone.
  7. Isn't the maximum score on the GRE for Quantitative and Verbal both 170? However on the GEM portal, it says 800. Am I missing something?
  8. Hi All, My status on GEM says matched as well as of 3 days ago. Looking at other forums the status can change frequently. Either way I am hopeful that we all get great outcomes from this.
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