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  1. Congrats to everyone who's getting accepted!!! So happy for you!! I'm currently a senior majoring in Neuroscience at Brandeis. If anyone has questions about the environment, PIs, grad level courses, Boston area, etc., feel free to reach out!! I know the current situation with COVID-19 is making potential visits difficult for many prospective students - so I'm happy to chat w/ anyone about decisions or even if you're having a hard time and just want to talk. (Stay safe!)
  2. Not the person you quoted, but I also got an invite from Yale today and I am American. It was an email from a POI so they might still be going through the process. Hope you can hear some good news soon!
  3. Congratulations! What program? If you haven't already, you should receive an email with all the details about interview weekend travel and reimbursement. You can also contact the program coordinator directly with any questions. Most likely, you'll have to interview in person at MIT (Cambridge, Boston). If it's BCS, I can PM you more details about it.
  4. nope, don't worry! I was told their interview weekend is Mar 12th and 13th, so maybe their official email will come a bit later?
  5. aw haha thank you!! Harvard, MIT, and just got a call from Brown today as well! Waiting to hear back from a couple of schools in New York, but I'm already so happy and lucky to have these invites
  6. Hey, unfortunately I think Harvard PiN is already done with sending invitations including international students they've already started arranging the interview weekend for everyone. I think this year was especially competitive w/ more applicants than last year GPA 3.89, GRE 159 V / 163 Q / 4.0 W Worked in my PI's lab since aug 2018, co author on biorxiv manuscript. I hope you hear good news from your other programs! Good luck!!
  7. Thank you!! He wasn't actually one of the POIs I specified, but he's w/ the Picower institute!
  8. Hey! Not the same person that posted before, but I also got an informal invitation for MIT They haven't sent the official email yet (I can let you know when they do) - fingers are crossed for you!! @gradcafeneurosis
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