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  1. Hey, I'm wondering the same thing. So my guess is as good as yours. I kinda think now is a tricky time, cuz of the MLK holiday. I would say wait until Thursday. If there's still no news, I would assume it could be a lost cause.
  2. Hey, y'all, hope everyone's not too anxious waiting for a response. I'm just wondering if anyone actually applied to UCLA Gender Studies program and if you have received any response from them? Cuz I've sent like 2-3 emails before the deadline, asking for clarification sort of things, but they never got back to me. I figure some of us fellow applicants might have some info on why they are being so silent.
  3. I totally feel you. You're absolutely not alone. Interestingly, I also filed 17 applications this year. I just hope that at least one offer will turn up. I would say go out with your friends, and find something fun to do. They would be good distractions. Also, reading some books could possibly help you better understand the discipline while calming you down. Good luck!
  4. Hey, I believe you should send two copies of transcripts to Stanford. I submitted the application in November, and I then sent hard copies to them in the beginning of December. Only last week or so, my application was finally marked as Complete. So I guess that's obligatory even at the time of application.
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