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  1. Hello! I posted here what feels like a decade ago and I've lurked ever since. I applied to Yale, NYU, UCSD, Columbia, UT Austin and made a hail-mary -last-minute application to Ohio. I've been declined from Yale, USCD and UT Austin. I interviewed at NYU and Columbia. I'm still waiting on Ohio. I found out on Friday that I'M IN AT NYU!!! Which is crazy. I felt like I had a great interview with Columbia, but crickets... Now I'm looking at the financial reality of NYU. While they offered me a decent scholarship, since it's NYC, I'd still need to take out
  2. Hey! I finished the last of my apps last week. So, let the waiting begin! I applied to Yale, NYU, UT Austin (Meichner), UCSD and Columbia. It's my first time applying and I have no idea what to expect. But, it's nice that this forum is here for people in the same boat as me over the next few months!
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