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  1. I realize that there is no magic number of presentations/posters to be guaranteed a place in any given graduate school, but I thought that was one of the stronger points of my application, as opposed to my undergraduate institution.
  2. Out of curiosity, was your GPA/GRE similar to mine? I probably have a little less/less-involved research experience than you, but thanks for giving me a some confidence!
  3. What is the number of psychology-related posters and presentations to get my name on to have a decent chance for the schools I am applying to, in your opinion?
  4. I realize that, and I did not only apply to the schools listed above because they are “top” schools. I looked for specific faculty that fit my research interests and applied to “top” schools where I found them. I want to go to a top graduate program because I want to increase my chances of getting a job in academia at a R1 university, and (on the OB side) want to try to become a faculty member at a R1 business school. By applying to programs near the top of the rankings in both areas (social psych/OB) which have faculty whose research interests align with mine, I am hoping that my chances of b
  5. You are correct about my age and situation. I have asked a few professors about work experience, and the majority of them have said that, yes, it can help an application, but it is not needed. For example, I will quote a part of an email from a professor that I received: “Generally we don’t care AT ALL about work experience in the real world; research experience is far more important.”
  6. @JoePianist @andhowdoesthatmakeyoufeel The short answer is that, by the time I graduated high school, I had around 90 college credits already and would have been only able to transfer about half of them to another college so I decided to stick to the college I had been attending for dual-enrollment. I also wanted to get my degree done fast for reasons ranging from wanting to gain compound interest at an earlier age to an enjoyment for advancing through “the levels” of education quickly. The prospect of getting a Bachelors as a newly 19 year old was an exciting prospect for me.
  7. I am interested in primarily organizational behavior programs and social psychology programs and would like to attend a top university. I am worried that my applications will be looked over due to the undergraduate institution I attended and wanted to know other opinions as to if I have a chance of admission at the (top) schools I applied to. I do want to note that I am attending the university I am because I wanted to graduate earlier, as I already had a lot of credits due to dual-enrollment classes. I’m not sure if it was a good decision, but I’d like to know my chances for the schools I app
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