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  1. Spoke to the TC clinical department secretary. Supposedly all decisions have been made.
  2. Was wondering the same thing. Anyone can chime in?
  3. Has anyone heard back from TC post-interview with the clinical department?
  4. Hi all, For anyone that has applied to this program or are currently in it, could you share your experience? Thanks!
  5. Ah I see. That explains it. I was just surprised that someone else who applied to the same program at the same school received a rejection already while I haven’t. regarding the masters program, no I didn’t check that as I have a masters already. No worries I appreciate direct answers. Thanks for the response!
  6. Quick question: do schools/programs send out rejection notice all at once to applicants that weren’t invited to the interview? For example, i know the interview for Fordham was approximately two weeks ago, and i have seen someone else posted on the Results page that they received their rejection letters. But I have not yet received even one rejection even though two of the programs i applied to are finished interviewing applicants. What does this mean?
  7. thats good to hear. thanks for the info as I thought that both Yeshiva and LiU were done with their interviews.
  8. Hi all, Just want to get some opinions on the different interviewing process. I was invited by my POI to have a zoom interview first and was notified that a decision will be made on whether or not I receive an in-person. However, I also saw 2 others that were directly invited to the in-person by the admission office, one of them has the same POI as mine, without having an online interview first. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  9. saw several invites a few weeks ago but not sure if they are done inviting people
  10. I called the psych department and they said all invites were sent on Friday.
  11. Question: what's next in terms of the application if I dont receive the first around (assuming thats the case) of interview? does the application status automatically change to "rejected"?
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