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  1. Has anyone head any results (Structural, PhD) from UMich, UIUC, UCLA and UCSD ?
  2. Thank you! I also received the same email. By the way, do you have any other results for Phd program? By now, I only have two admission results. Another one is from ISU. Funding is always short for structural Phd program. Anyway, good luck.
  3. Hello, Have you ever found an advisor or funding opportunity? I was also admitted by UT-Austin (Structural), but there is no news about funding.
  4. I applied to phd program of UBC (structural & earthquake engineering). I expect they will make their decision in late March.
  5. Hi All, I am applying for PhD program of Civil Engineering (Structural). I applied 16 universities. So far, I have not got any interview chances? Does anyone hear from the department?
  6. Is there anyone applying for PhD program of civil engineering (Structural)? I am an international student applying such program and waiting for updates. Here are my backgrounds: undergrad GPA: 3.74, Master's GPA: 3.46, TOEFL: 107, GRE: Q/165, V/157, AW/3.5, Research: 4 published SCI publications (1 first-author JCR Q2 paper, 2 second-author JCR Q2 papers, 1 second-author JCR Q1 paper). 1 third-author JCR Q1 paper under review, 1 conference paper, and Grand Prize Winner of 2019 Forge Prize. Hope my master's GPA would not hurt my applications too much. I prefer to continue my earthquake engineering research in my doctoral study. But the funding is quite limited in the United States Anyone who have similar research interests with me, just feel free to contact me if you are willing to. I would be happy to have some one waiting for the decision together. Best of luck to all the applicants!
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