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  1. Congrats everyone who got accpetances!! Sorry for the lazy post
  2. Hi, I think a masters degree is a big commitment so if possible, you should check the profile of current phd candidate in your top choice school or better yet reach out to them for information before commit to that. I do agree with @instajar that research fit is the most important and if you can get a research project going you can reach out to the professors of that uni from platforms like research gate. You can also check for conferences where you have the chance to network with the faculty of that uni Im sorry you got rejected but the admission process is quite biased and complicated so don't feel too down.
  3. Anyone heard from UBC PhD per OB adcom? I saw a result post saying they sent interview email last ween
  4. that' natural, but let's cross that bridge when we get there, no point worry about it just yet
  5. I think on their website they said you are encouraged to let the adcom knows if you need an earlier notice, maybe try writing them?
  6. take this with a grain of salt but Im pretty sure PhD and masters normally dont have the same deadline, also Laurier adcoms work on rolling basis so if she applied earlier it is natural that she gets a callback before you .
  7. I saw someone got an interview invite from UBC. the nerves are kicking in
  8. Oh yeah I feel you Im refreshing my emails 10 times a day and stalking the result page obsessively
  9. Applied to Toronto, UBC, Mcgill for OB - I also tried to contact POI but no respond. Finger crossed and good luck to everyone!
  10. Congratulation and goodluck!
  11. Well finger super crossed then!
  12. Thank you for the positive note. How were your interviews? All good I hope. Well its frustrating to wait like this but lets hope no news is good news
  13. congrats and good luck to you
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