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  1. I have nothing to contribute as far as schools go, but how is everyone? I think we were all under a lot of stress before covid blew up and now we’re under much more. Is everyone taking care of themselves? Isolating? Practicing self-care?
  2. Has anyone else *not* heard back from Iowa, or am I the only applicant they are ignoring? Never thought I’d be anxiously awaiting a rejection!
  3. They make you promise to keep it quiet or something.
  4. I called Iowa to inquire and they said all fiction letters should go out "tomorrow." So idk what that's supposed to mean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but a presumed rejection I suppose.
  5. Still haven’t heard anything from Iowa or UC Irvine. What does the group think – hopeful or nah?
  6. Just got rejected from UVA 🙃 Let's see if Iowa awaits me once I get home. M
  7. Rejected by Brown via portal. Ah well. Edit: It was a very nice rejection though!
  8. Thanks for the update. I'm wondering, based on this person's last name, if they are sending out decisions alphabetically. If so, I may have a few more days of waiting for what is probably a rejection.
  9. Any news on Brown? Still haven't heard anything and no longer optimistic. I am now anxious that I'm checking the wrong portal. :l
  10. I am really, really sorry to hear that.
  11. I hope I get good news this week. The new coronavirus just hit my city and people are uneasy and tense. I work in the service industry and business has slowed, which means I'm at risk because of my job and also I'm making less money due to fewer people going out. Some good news would really be welcome.
  12. The same number has been spamming me all day yesterday and today. Every time the phone rings my heart speeds up...but it's just that spammer. Might die from heart attack.
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