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  1. Any time my phone rings, my heart jumps!
  2. Exactly. It's like those Facebook groups from undergrad. Was anyone else in those? Anyway, the folks in my life are sick of hearing me obsess and worry so I'm glad I have y'all to commiserate with. I just made the schedule for the next 3 weeks at my job and realized by the end of it, we all might have been accepted somewhere!! Or, strongly suspect rejection. But hopefully acceptance
  3. That's the dream, eh? Enter a program with a friend. Though not yet in a program, I'm already nervous about meeting a bunch of strangers!
  4. anarchisttiger


    I'm 29 and if I get in, I will be 30 as the program is starting.
  5. Here are some inspiring words from my younger sister who talked me down today: "Every writer thinks they're mediocre. My friend [who is in the MFA poetry program at VCU] is amazing but they always think they aren't. So it comes with the territory. All of academia is about competition and feeling like you're not good enough. It begins with applications. It's all designed to make you feel not good enough. And you just have to believe in yourself because you are good enough so the task is to find the level of self-belief that propels you through."
  6. Bruh same edit: on second thought, I only applied to the schools I want to attend so I guess there’s no point regretting my decision just because of the acceptance rate.
  7. Not as bad as I feared! Really puzzling over why I felt it necessary to submit a story I wrote based on a dream – totally bizarre involving Jake Gyllenhaal and poop. Definitely memorable.
  8. Now I want to reread my sample too, but I’m scared! I’m glad it worked out for you.
  9. Oh absolutely. I asked my partner last night why everyone I know except me believes I’ll get in. It’s so frustrating to be a confident person otherwise until it comes to my writing. I think it’s the massive amount of competition – of course I don’t believe I’m* a garbage writer, but how do I compare to other writers? Surely I’m not The Best, and surely there are enough other great writers applying to edge me out.
  10. I had about a 50/50 mix of first and third.
  11. I’m scared of popping into a portal one day under the assumption nothing has changed, only to find myself rejected! Nightmare fuel.
  12. I’ve been taking a break from writing but it’s time to start on some poetry again. I do performance art and I need some new material.
  13. Same, just knowing will be enough. I’m sure it’s a sentiment we all share!
  14. I’ll feel better in mid-February! I’m very envious of your zen.
  15. The stress of waiting woke me up along with a fussy cat, so here I am!
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