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  1. I feel you in so many ways! Nerve wracking and feel like I've done an awful lot of work for no particular reason if those acceptances don't come back! LOL
  2. Hey, thank you for this. Waiting really DOES suck 😕
  3. I literally just need one PhD acceptance and I'll be okay. Right now I am a mess and very nervous as I only had the chance to apply to three schools and possibly four. The reason why is because when I was going to apply for my last two schools my wife received a cancer diagnosis and there went all of my focus and energy. Just wondering if I am in this alone or if some of you have schools you REALLY want and are nervous will reject you? Thanks! PS- It's happening soon!
  4. Seriously, I am terrified out of my mind about this PhD process. I have wanted my PhD for a really long time and it's my dream and it can soon become a reality or NOT! This is probably one of the MOST terrifying experiences that I have ever had in my ENTIRE life. Wondering if I'm good enough or not. Smart enough or not. Or if I just did the statement of purpose in the right sort of way? I am totally freaked out, and scared beyond belief. Someone save me! I really don't care what school I get into, I just want to get into a school. I want my PhD. Will the gods of all of the universe PLEASE just
  5. I am so happy that you did! Thank you SO much for sharing this with me. I am doing a waiting game right now and I am totally freaked out. I have a lot of positives going for me, but it also makes me extremely nervous to wait like this. I mean it's like either A) You are getting rejected or B ) You are getting accepted. There's no in between. I honestly feel sick to my stomach about all of this process. But I know that what will be will be. I'd just like to know what direction it's going. Hey, thank you so much for your post. It was encouraging!
  6. Thank you for the encouragement. I did phenomenal with my bachelor's and masters however I have heard that the PhD can side swipe you. It was great to see your experiences as I truly appreciate the honesty.
  7. I have actually received similar advice, however I also received advice that it needs to reflect who you are. So it seems as though in addition to what you've said, some personality should be coming through. I am not sure if they are meant to be dry or pop with who you are as a person. My statements of purpose are written and I feel they are solid. The thing for me that I came up against was that I do not have much research experience although I have a GREAT deal of teaching experience so I focused in on my teaching. I think I did that right or lets hope. Thank you for this advice!
  8. I expect this process to happen to me as well. I am trying the best to prepare for the rejections. I have one coming this week I think. It makes me nervous always as to how I'll respond. I am more than certain it will hurt like a witch. There are some schools that I just felt a connect with that I felt I was meant to attend, and it's so up in the air right now if they are even going to accept me. I wish you the BEST of luck you seem like an amazing person.
  9. Thank you SO much for this post, I've been freaking out about this a great deal. I have only applied to three schools and had planned to do more but the fact is that my wife we found out has cancer and due to the stress of her undergoing treatment right near the holidays I was unable to apply for more! Thank you so so much for this. I think that gives me A LOT of hope!
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