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  1. Thank you so much Izabela! 😍 That's very kind of you. Please stay in touch.
  2. Congratulations Izabela! Mine still says awaiting, and I really wonder why it takes the faculty so long to decide if they want me or not (given that they don’t give much funding anyway...). The only decision I received so far admitted me with a teaching assistantship, so I am very likely go to with that one.
  3. Thanks so much @izabela.s! That's so nice of you (sorry I just read your reply.) I also got an email from them saying that they are sorry, and they are waiting for the results from the program, and will let us know ASAP. And I got my first decision too!!! (Interestingly, the program I applied to most recently actually contacted me first... and the Early one is late 😅
  4. Congratulations on getting your TC decision! Waiting for the 1st decision seems to be the worst... (I do not know how long I would be waiting anymore). I haven't received any reply from NYU yet since I sent in the email around their 8:15 am. It was actually my 2nd email to them. The 1st one was sent back in January, and they replied with a copy-and-paste answer from their website (and the person did not even pay attention to the fact that I was asking about EA decision release date, and just pasted the part about the regular one). I work for the admissions myself too, but honestly I think they could have done a better job with emails... I also have the feeling that our applications probably went into the regular pool. Hopefully they would reply to us sooner on their 26th.
  5. @izabela.sI was proved wrong again thinking at least they might release the decisions on Monday... 😅 I just wrote them an email and let's see what they would say about it, sigh On the bright side, looks like they had just sent off rejections to PhD applicants on Monday. So maybe the reason was simply they got too popular among PhD applicants?
  6. As time pass by, I only hope they could let us know by the end of this week, lol. I have a feeling that there are some other applicants who applied for Early Decision too, and they probably are anxiously waiting it out too. Just look at how many people have clicked on this post so far 😜
  7. Same here! I thought it would be last Friday, and if not, the Monday... but then hahah, I wonder if they had too many PhD applicants this year, as I could see there are many Phd applicants getting their decisions. Usually it is after them that comes the Master's. A hug for you! Hopefully a hug from an anxious person could help the other 😄
  8. @izabela.s Still “Awaiting Decision” here... any news over there?
  9. Hi Izabela! Thanks so much for sharing it with me. I thought the decisions might come out on the 13th, but then it is already the 14th today (I am currently living in Japan, so it is already the 14th here). I was thinking about emailing or call them if nothing is updated on Friday (NY local time). Muito obrigada! And yes, fingers crossed for both of us!!
  10. Thanks for the information Izabela! Hopefully we would both hear some good news soon this week. (Since the website specified that it is early Feb for Early applicants, I do not think they would drag it past the 15th...)
  11. Has anyone heard back from NYU Steinhardt? Applied for Early Action, the result is supposedly coming out in early Feb. I called the admissions last week, and was told that the result could come out on any day. However, it looks like there was 1 person admitted as posted on the result page... so I was wondering if anyone knows about it. Any info welcomed :) Thanks!
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