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  1. @Ezra Brain I asked in my interview - they said between 20 and 30.
  2. Just got an email to check status for NYU - waitlisted
  3. @zayzay, LOVE the avatar update. Congrats!!
  4. @shortymcshortz this will make a very good intro to your Tony speech!! Gotta pepper in the humble beginnings. @Dro. and @SeltzerBot...I talked to current students and Kate at BU last week, but she did not ask me for another writing sample...do we think this is a very good sign or very bad sign? Time will tell I guess.
  5. @shortymcshortz I did, yes, though it was short (ymcshortz). Also got a tisch interview request this morning, so I do believe they're sending them out in a trickle. (And it seems like they might be dividing them up among different members of faculty?)
  6. Thank you, @tradagram! I really wasn't expecting it, since it came after straight rejections from CMU and Yale so...who knows. Subjectivity is hard!
  7. Hey folks, got an interview request from Brown this morning. It was individual (not a batch one), so they're likely sending them out one by one.
  8. I live in the area and got an in-person interview, but I do believe in staggered interview invites! To quote someone else in the thread, no news is good news (at least I'm holding onto that theory).
  9. @sns1106 congratulations!!! Rejection for me. First one under the belt (except probably also UT, given the info above) - let's do this. 💪
  10. Joining here because I feel like there's so little info out there? And the forum seems super friendly and useful! Applying for the first time to: NYU, Yale, UT Austin, CMU, Columbia, UCSD, Brown, Northwestern, Brooklyn College, Hunter College, U of Iowa, BU. Best of luck to all!
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