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  1. Has anyone heard anything about how the Western Counselling program will be proceeding in September with the COVID situation?
  2. I saw an OISE Counselling And Psychotherapy rejection on the results page, which is scary because before I had only seen acceptances - but I am still waiting to hear. I have an interview for UWO this week that I am trying to prep for, but can't stop refreshing my SGS page.
  3. I saw 1 acceptance for counselling and psychotherapy on the results page, but still haven't heard. I am still holding out hope but feel like this is a bad sign.
  4. How many applicants do you think had the opportunity to send an application to SD? The email said a "subset" of applicants but I'm wondering what that really meant.
  5. Did anyone else on this thread apply to the counselling psychology (counselling and psychotherapy) at OISE? The website says offers go out sometime in March so I am starting to get anxious waiting to hear.
  6. Has anyone heard anything from new prof SD at ryerson?
  7. Does anyone know when OISE will send out offers/rejections for the counselling and psychotherapy program? Also, did anyone receive an email about new prof SD at Ryerson and hear from her?
  8. Hi I'm a first time applicant. So if I have not received a personal email yet from the professors or the school does this mean I have been rejected? Do all interview offers come in through personal email or are any online through the portal? Asking for UTSC, York, and Ryerson.
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