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  1. My employer recently reached out saying that so far the internship program will proceed as planned. I think GEM and the employers are actively working to find a solution for this years interns.
  2. If you have been selected by an employer then yes leverage your GEM app, otherwise I believe (correct me someone if I'm wrong) the universities will reach out expressing their interest in a university/associate fellowship. Though I don't see anything wrong with reaching out to the university for associate/university.
  3. I think if you reject an employer sponsor then you are effectively rejecting the fellowship, if that's what you meant. Otherwise, GEM is solely the facilitator in different levels of the fellowship. If you have a Full Fellowship then the employer and university work together to create a full package (possibly with some help from GEM?). For associative and university levels it is solely the university (and possibly GEM).
  4. I think GEM acts as the facilitator in funding. The university and employers create the full package, at least according to the FAQ they sent out a while back.
  5. Definitely reach out to the schools and GEM to figure this out.
  6. I would imagine it is slow at the moment considering the upcoming deadlines to select GEM Fellows, so patience is obviously important. Three weeks though seems a bit long so I would definitely follow up with either your GEM contact or recruiter.
  7. Yes I did as well.
  8. I accepted an offer with an employer as well (the rep also specifically said they marked the eGEM system), but I still haven't gotten a notification through eGEM and its been 2 weeks.
  9. Hi everyone, I already accepted an offer from a GEM Employer but I have yet to hear an official response from GEM and the employer said they have already contacted GEM about it. Does anyone know if the school verification has an impact on this? Half of the schools I applied to still haven't updated my status.
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