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  1. Have you heard anything back from Iowa State? I also see on the results page that if we haven't heard back from UCLA at this point, we can take that as a rejection. Is anyone able to confirm that?
  2. Has anyone been in touch with UCLA? Is it safe to assume rejection at this point? I don't see a lot of activity on the results page besides two acceptances a month ago. I know Ohio is also known for sending acceptances very late in the game. Is there any point in e-mailing them? I would accept them over the current offers that I have and don't feel great about potentially keeping those offers hanging until mid-April.
  3. Does anyone have any insight they can share into the department at Simon Fraser U.? I got an offer last week and am pretty interested. I just don't have a sense of how to compare it to U.S. institutions reputation-wise. Maybe this isn't the best way to think about it, but what USNWR ranked departments would SFU be analogous to? Are prospects of an academic job after completing their program decent? I see a few cases of their PhD graduates getting professorships at departments like Ohio, which is encouraging.
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