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  1. Adding to the conversation to stand in solidarity with those who are already feeling anxious lol. For those who don't know, painter here. Already submitted all applications to: Stanford, UCLA, and Yale. This is also my second time around, since I wasn't happy in the program I initially accepted an offer from in 2020. Really don't foresee myself wanting to apply for a third time.. too much work and stress. Hoping for the best this time around, for myself and you all. xoxo
  2. I've wondered about this too and am curious what other people think. From my experience, when I interviewed at Bard & Rutgers (two years ago) the faculty on each panel did actually bring this up to me. It seemed like they were gauging my interest in their programs based on the schools I had listed. Bard's questioning seemed more explicit since it was the only low res program I had applied to. I would say that it did not hurt my application though.
  3. Hey there! Maybe this can help: A former professor of mine advised that when writing an opening statement I should imagine that the faculty don't have my work in front of them. He suggested having the first two sentences visually describe my work in a way that will also state my thesis. I should also add that this professor was an advocate for simplicity and recommended getting straight to "the point" in hopes of getting the faculty hooked from the jump, while being as clear as possible. Obviously this isn't the only way to write an opening statement, and maybe you already know this, so t
  4. I just submitted my application to Stanford. If it makes you feel any better I was definitely extremely anxious all of last week. It's definitely nerve-wracking, putting oneself out there like that, on top of everything else going on in the world. Anyway, we'll all get through this, slowly but surely. Best of luck to you, and everyone else applying.
  5. Okay I am just now seeing this and want to vouch for the person posting about Bard, they are not lying. I too am technically still enrolled at Bard (you can check back when I posted in the thread from two years about getting in) and Bard is not doing so hot right now. All that was mentioned is true. However, everyone do as you please.
  6. I too attended the Stanford info session (thanks for the link). I have to say, I wasn't expecting the stipend to be that high! Very generous. Also pretty impressed with the visiting artists they mentioned. I think Stanford might rank a little higher on my list now.. Good luck to those also applying, December 1st is not very far away.
  7. Do any of the people attending this Stanford info session have the link? I can't seem to find it anywhere and am interested. TY!
  8. @xu6ing My situation isn't identical, but the topic of asking for letters of rec (again) has definitely crossed my mind. I will echo what everyone else has already said and say that your former professors should be more than understanding. I only participated in my program for a few months, but I do remember when I first started and things were very bad, re: covid, our co-chairs subtly mentioned that if anyone was considering other options and needed letters they would be more than happy to help. Obviously this won't be the same for everyone, but I bring this up because, in my opinion, profess
  9. Hello everyone. I am also back again. Applied for the first time two years ago. Was accepted to Bard (Painting) and Rutgers. Turned down Rutgers' offer and accepted Bard's (a decision I have come to regret). Bard sort of turned into a mess (for me) so I'm now applying to other programs. I'm still deciding on a final list, but this is where I'm at right now: (these are in no particular order) -Northwestern University -University of Chicago -Yale University -Stanford University -maybe Rutgers Hoping for the best this time around.
  10. oooo, love this info. i'm a bard "1st year," got in right when covid happened and did the part time thing, then took a leave this past summer. I was already highly considering applying elsewhere this year, so this is very good to know!!!
  11. If this helps, I got off a waitlist a little over a month after being notified about being put on the waitlist. Best of luck.
  12. oh lord, all these aggressive attempts to evangelize this forum with "radical" thoughts are so exasperating. if you think we haven't heard it all before, or aren't living in the same world that y'all are........ girl, delusion. i hear you all, but there comes a point where it stops being accessible and turns into people just getting off on listening to themselves think/speak. so much energy/potential in the wrong place.. xoxo
  13. I was sort of under the impression that Bard was basically trying to postpone this summers session until next summer, at least that's what I was told via email. I'm going to wait until that zoom meeting to make any decisions. Thanks about Rutgers. Now that it is an option I'm thinking that financially it makes more sense for me. I'm also second guessing whether or not a low res program would be more beneficial or not. I don't necessarily feel that I have strenuous responsibilities at the moment that would stop me from moving somewhere (potentially) in the fall. But of course if Bard does
  14. Accepted to Rutgers earlier today after being put on the waitlist, for anyone still waiting to hear back... sort of took me by surprise as I was nearly about ready to accept Bard's offer. Maybe a little less sure about Bard now.. Anyway, just an update for y'all. xoxo
  15. I am in a similar position with Bard, except I've also considered saying no and hoping my waitlist at another school ends up in my favor. Making a decision by the 23rd of March seems too soon for me. Even if I accept their offer and end up getting in somewhere else, or something else happens, I'm not sure how comfortable I am with throwing money away on the deposit...basically I'm conflicted as well. Because they haven't reached out about any cancelations I guess they want us to assume that they're planning on continuing with their regular schedule, but I think asking about extendin
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