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  1. How many applicants are on the waitlist of NCSU? I guess it is very large due to its size. I know I have very low odds and a kind of false hope but it makes me look forward to hearing positive response from them. This is so hard to wait.
  2. Hello softdrink. I am an international student and I got an admission at 13 Feb via status page.
  3. I appreciate both! I need to find out more about them. Thank you so much and I always appreciate your information and advice.
  4. I got offers from Virginia tech and Micigan state univ. I think vt focuses on very applied aspect and msu focuses on prob theory. Their funding offers are very similar also. Can you give me any advice about environment, department, job placement and anything else for me? I would be really appreciated it.
  5. I guess i will get a rejection from all schools I applied. I think this is due to my institution is unknown and I am a international. I think getting an MS in math will make my profile a little bit stronger even though I have no idea which school to apply because most of deadline is over. Can you give me any advice for me?
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