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  1. I also received offers for both programs (NYU M.S. in Mathematics / Columbia M.S. Applied Mathematics). Think it depends on what you want to do, so I will just give my $.02. I'm interested in quantitative finance, so I plan to use the degree to build background in PDE's/machine learning/statistics/coding. This is probably easier to do at Columbia since you can take half the courses in CS/op research departments, though it's possible to do it at NYU as well through research projects and the optional thesis. NYU could be 4 semesters full-time if you write a thesis, Columbia would be 3.
  2. To reanimate this discussion, does anyone know what the one-way interview questions for Fu Foundation are like? My experience with one-way interviews has been non-technical questions, but in theory there's no reason they can't ask you to do something technical.
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