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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed information!!! It's really helpful! May I ask something about the thesis? Could you please introduce more, like what kind of thesis it is, it may ask the students to solve a research problem or put forward new method/algorithm, or read many classic and cutting edge papers and sum them up...and other information that you think is important? Also I think the thesis would help a lot for those who want to pursue PHD degree, but if I want to work after graduation, will it be helpful? Also could you please tell me something about the career fair for stat
  2. Thanks so much for the reply. I'd like to ask something more: Will Uchicago be a better choice if I want to work in IT companies compared to UW, (like the tech companies on the west coast)? Or will the location of the schools decide in most cases where you work in US :( I am an international student, so I am not very clear about that in US since in my country, no matter where you graduate, most of the students will go to just some specific cities.) Thank you so much
  3. I am still not sure whether to pursue a Phd degree in the future but I want to work in industry as my final career goal. Can anyone give me some advice on those two programs? If I would like to work as a data scientist/data analyst /data engineer/machine learning engineer/ after my graduation, which one is better? If I would like to continue to get a Phd Degree,which is better?
  4. Recently I got admission from University of Chicago and University of Washington (Seattle), both are statistics master programs. I hope to work in IT companies in my future career, such as FLAG. As far as I know, the stats program in Uchicago tends to be very theroretical, and it asks students to take 9 courses and a thesis in order to graduate, which is a pretty good program for those who want to pursue a Phd program after graduation. And if I want to be a data scientist, a Phd degree is much better than a master degree when seeking for a job. Also,UChicago is well-known for many other
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